The Practice of the Vital Groups

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Greeting and introductions

Greetings from the Clarks;

Nearly two years ago we moved into a nice house about 1 block south of Cypress College here in Cypress, CA. Both my wife and I came to the know the Lord Jesus while we were in college. At that time I was attending Florida State University and a classmate spoke to me after class about receiving the Lord. I had grown up in a Christian home and believed in the Lord but had never received Him. That day in February I received the Lord in my classroom in the psychology building at FSU. My wife, Carol, was going to school at Case Western Reserve in Cleveland and a Christian girl from Hong Kong spoke to her and she also received the Lord. What a change has occurred in our lives over the years by the wonderful life of the Lord Jesus that we received. We are so grateful that we were able to receive the Lord at such an age and hope that many other young people could find the Lord in their college years--especially when they are freshmen.

Because of our concern for college students and the close location of our home (within walking distance) we are very attached to some of the students at Cypress College here in Cypress, CA. We are very connected with a campus group called Christians on Campus. We have found that they are very genuine Christians who love the Lord, care for the Bible and practice the oneness of the Body of Christ. Christians on Campus have some very proper activities that students can participate in--such as Bible studies and conferences with other Christian believers from other campuses. Being close to the campus we enjoy having the students into our home for fellowship, prayer, singing and meals. 

Steve and Carol