The Practice of the Vital Groups

Thursday, January 12, 2012


January 10AM: We used some of the time in the morning to get some rest and check on e-mails. We went to Leon Valley (N. of San Antonio on the I-10) to have lunch with Michael Jenkinson at the Original Rudy's BBQ. The food and the fellowship was good. Michael had stayed with us during the 2011 Winter Training and is serving on the full-time team here in San Antonio. It was good to hear how the Lord is blending the team together.

January 10PM: Saints came over to Brad Nabers house (where we are taking hospitality) for fellowship. We had a good time considering Brother Lee's study concerning the God-ordained way. It was pointed out that when Brother Lee went back to Taiwan the average increase in the Lord's recovery was between 2-3%. When the saints had moved from the mainland of China the increase had been over 100 fold but the increase had gradually declined. He pointed out that if we were a business and we had a 10% increase we should close the company, or fine another line of work or change the personnel. Brother Lee pointed out that although we have the highest truth and the rich experience of Christ we had a big problem concerning the increase. His going back to Taiwan in 1985 was mainly because of the low rate of increase. His experiments and study were to consider the ways of the gospel used by Christianity and by the Lord's recovery to find the most effective way to gain people. There were several results of his study--first that the Lord's way is to go to people not to invite people to come to us. He had some strong words to say about the regular practice of big gospel meetings saying that they do save people but not many people remain. Concerning door knocking Brother Lee discovered that we need to be selective. "As a result of our studying and experimenting, we have found a direction. We have discovered from numerous testimonies that it is best to be selective in our door-knocking...First, we should begin by knocking on the doors of those we know, that is, our friends and relatives. Second, we should knock on the doors of the friends and relatives of the saints. Third, we should knock on the doors of the friends and relatives of the newly saved ones." (Crucial Words of Leading, Bk 2 p 251). This is why he said a number of times when he came back from Taiwan that we don't need to knock on "cold" doors because we have plenty of "warm" doors--the people that we know.

The other thing we were impressed with is that we should work together to gain as a group to labor together to gain these ones. We need a time each week to study, fellowship, pray and coordinated to consider how WE as a group gain these ones we are burdened for.

CLEO WHITINGTON: Some of you know George Whitington who was has been in the Lord's recovery in Texas nearly from the beginning. His wife, Cleo, had to have emergency surgery late on January 10th and her colon needed to be removed. Her condition is quite serious. We hope to have more details. O Lord our sister!

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