The Practice of the Vital Groups

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

JANUARY 17 Tampa-University of South Florida

A personal tour of campus. Aaron, standing next to Carol, took a 4 year break in his college education to serve at the Ministry Conference Center project in Anaheim. He was a great help to the project. He worked often with Steve related to purchasing and materials pick up. He was very involved in the maintenance of the equipment that was used on the project.

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  1. Steve and Carol –

    I was so appreciative of your visit to the Tampa Bay area. I believe the time of dinner, fellowship and prayer was something that was needed for the saints in the Tampa Bay area and even the whole of the Lord’s Recovery.

    I believe that many saints including myself have only scratched the surface of the vital groups, their importance, their need and the practical way to carry them out. I also believe that it will take many more years of hitting our heads against the wall and realizing that the God-Ordained Way is the “WAY” of carrying out the bearing of “REMAINING” fruit unless some saints are willing to drop their concepts, forget their pride and try for themselves this new way.

    I appreciated your fellowship around the practical ways you and your group gather, share, fellowship, pray and carry out your vital group. Your word on notepads, snacks, short prayers, and small steps was very helpful to me. I also appreciated the two secrets you shared, especially on the focus of our friends, relatives, coworkers, and classmates.

    May the Lord bless you both and the remaining portion of your trip.

    Grace –

    Tim Harris