The Practice of the Vital Groups

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


January 7 Saturday AM: There were not many sights between California and Tucson except hundreds wind generators of electricity.

January 7--Saturday PM: We arrived in Tucson about 5:30PM for a little fellowship with our hospitality (Gary and Barb Liemer) and then we went to a home meeting with 7 saints besides us. We met with a young couple. We sang and read the first chapter of Speciality, Generality, and Practicality of the Church.

Some points from our fellowship: 1. We need to fight for the faith but not for the doctrine. 2. The points our faith are: The Bible is the Word of God; God is uniquely one and triune; The person of Christ--the perfect man and complete God; the work of Christ--including His crucifixion, resurrection and ascension; Salvation--we need to repent and believe; Church--is universally and locally one.

Then we had some fellowship about dealing with the self and offenses. (This is what we were covering in Cypress). Not just in the big meeting but especially in the groups we need to deal with offenses by going to the Lord to enjoy Him as our forgiving element and also by getting into the word that the self could be killed and the hurt feelings could be washed out.

January 8--Lord's Day AM: Before the meeting we had some fellowship about praying for people specifically and then had some specific prayer about ones we are burdened for. The saints we stayed with have a burden to migrate to Bellingham, Washington.

We went to the Lord's Table and prophesying meeting. They had overflow from the winter training from the 17 saints who had gone. Also the saints shared from the third week of the Morning Revival on the Focus of the Lord's Recovery. Christ coming was not just for salvation but for the purpose of Him being the cornerstone for God's building. Romans 8 is the center of the Bible and the center of the universe focusing on God's intention of dispensing Himself into man.

January 8--Lord's Day PM: After the meeting we left for El Paso and enjoyed listening to part of the 2010 Team Reunion that was held in Austin, especially to the testimony of the new ones concerning being in the homes and being in the homes.

We arrived in El Paso about 5:30PM and we stayed with Antonio and Debbie Aguirre. Salvador Nunez came over and we had some good fellowship about the vital groups and prayed for some needs in both our localities. Their small group has 25 new ones to take care of. They pray for each of them, each week by name. Debbie has two times a week 12-25 sisters come to her house to read a book or a Life-study. Their vital groups gets together on Saturday evening. The saints have a time with some of the children in the homes on Saturday. On the Lord's Day all the saints and children go to the table meeting. During the prophesying meeting they have some materials for the children in another room.

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