The Practice of the Vital Groups

Saturday, January 21, 2012

JANUARY 17AM Gainesville--Tampa

Good fellowship at breakfast about possible warm doors. To gain friends and relatives Cornelius gathered his friends and relatives and invited Peter to come. This is a principle concerning our friends and relatives.

We got to Tampa around 4 and we stopped by the meeting hall and picked up Aaron Fetrow and went to visit Dan and Olga Roseblade, the son and daughter-in-law of Bill and Jane Roseblade who live in Cypress. Dan was at work but Olga was a home with their three little girls. We had a good time visiting. The girls gave us a tour of their rooms and showed us the birthday cards they were making for their neighbor.

Then Aaron and another college brother, James, gave us a quick tour of the University of Southern Florida campus. The school is doing quite a bit of building and up-grading making it a very attractive campus.

We joined the saints in Tampa for a love feast at the meeting hall--a large two story house on 2 acres of land. At supper the brothers got together and had fellowship about the increase of the church.

At 7:30PM we had a prayer meeting. We prayed concerning the training and the video training, Europe, the gaining international students here for their countries when they go back, the Chinese-speaking conference, vital groups and the USF campus.

After the prayer meeting we had some fellowship about the vital groups. We were reimpressed where we need to focus in our labor. This should be considered as one of the secrets of being able to bear fruit, even much fruit. The other secret is that we need to labor together patiently to bear others as fruit.

We stayed with Kevin and Laura Lo. Laura has two little boys and she serves one the campus.

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