The Practice of the Vital Groups

Monday, January 16, 2012

JANUARY 15 Tallahassee & Gainesville

We went to the Lord’s Table at Phillip and Julia’s home. There were approximately 30 there with 11 guests from out of town. Seven were visiting from Austin and two from Cypress and two from Gainesville. The meeting had an air of informality with little children sitting on parent’s laps and wandering in and out of the meeting. It reminded us of Brother Nee’s word in the Normal Christian Church Life about meeting in the homes.

We shared something from John 15 and Matthew to show if we bear fruit and make a profit we will be full of joy. If we do not, we sense we are cut off and we will be weeping (unhappy) and gnashing our teeth. Brother Lee by experiments and study discovered a definite direction for our fruit-bearing. We should go to our friends and relatives and by working together in a vital group as a net we can gain them. By regular fellowship and prayer we will have the wisdom of whom, how, what way and when we should contact our gospel candidates. We need to have the pillar of the gospel/fruit-bearing. We need all four pillars of the Lord’s recovery: Truth, life, the church and the gospel. To have two or three pillars is not sufficient.

One of the local brothers gave an opening word on The Four Pillars of the Lord’s Recovery. That was the same week that the church in Cypress was in—Week 8. We enjoyed seeing the two aspects of God’s salvation—the blood for redemption and the water for regeneration. Christ by His death on the cross not only took care of sin but also released the divine life to produce the church the bride.

Practical point: Some of the saints in Tallahassee make it their habit to take the new ones with them when they make trips. This has been a great help for the new ones to go to other localities and to be in the homes of other saints.

Eighteen to twenty saints went to the Golden Corral for lunch and for more fellowship.

We left for Gainesville about 3:30PM and arrived about 5:45PM. This was probably one of our shortest drives so far. Good thing—we were quite tired but we were able to get to bed earlier that we had before.

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