The Practice of the Vital Groups

Friday, January 27, 2012

JANUARY 26 Flagstaff to Cypress

Tom had to leave early to work in the clinic in the nearby city. We had a nice breakfast with Nancy and some fellowship and prayer. We left about 9AM for a final leg of our trip. It was another day of driving. Stops for restroom, stops for gas, stops for coffee, stop for lunch.

We arrived back in Cypress about 4PM so we stopped by the Post Office to pick up our mail--a bag of nearly 3 weeks worth. Then we headed over to John and Eva's to drop off the "cancer tea" that we had picked up in Odessa. We got to visit with John. No one else was home for they had gone to the doctor to drop off a sample for testing. It was good to see him.

Finally--back home. Time to unload the car, up-pack, and get the dirty clothes in the washer. Time to sort the mail and find what needs to be answered right away. Actually because we drove in manageable distances we were not tired out when we arrived home. Also by the prayers of our vital group we were sustained and supplied with the bountiful Spirit. Nearly every stop we had some time to fellowship and get to know the local saints better. We surely became more burdened for the circulation among the churches. What a rich supply we all enjoy in this divine fellowship in the Body of Christ.

Thank the Lord for a safe and profitable time visiting the churches. Including the stop in Tyler, Texas we visited 16 churches and traveled over 5500 miles in less than 3 weeks.

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