The Practice of the Vital Groups

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

JANUARY 9 (El Paso & San Antonio)

January 9AM (Monday): We had breakfast with Debbie and Antonio. A big point that has helped their young ones is to encourage and take them to the summer and winter training. This has help them to see the importance of the the church and God's economy--to see the "big picture." They do things together as families and take care of each other's families. This family has helped all three of their children learn to play the piano. Their younger son who is in the 5th grade is taking guitar lessons every Friday early evening with a few other young boys. He is playing in the home meetings and in the regular church meetings. Every night their younger son reads the Bible and prays with one of his parents.

January 9PM: This was a lo-o-o-g drive (500+ miles) from El Paso to San Antonio including going through at least of 100 miles of snow (:. The temperatures were generally in the low 30's all day. We arrived in San Antonio about 6:30PM. After supper we went to our hospitality with Brad Nabers. We had lots of good fellowship.

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  1. How is the trip going? We talked to Malisa Blanton today and she told us of the fellowship regarding the children. /Users/malcolmwalworth/Desktop/DSC04425.JPG