The Practice of the Vital Groups

Friday, January 27, 2012

JANUARY 25 Albuquerque to Flagstaff

After breakfast we went to the campus team coordination. One of the attendants was the young son (baby) of one of the serving couples. He kept the time from being routine or formal. We sang some songs on loving the Lord and shared that the Lord wants us to be romantic Christians not religious Christians. Several students joined the time including a very new one. We had quite a bit of fellowship on how to care for our friends and relatives. We realized that we need to take the time and fellowship with our group to have the wisdom on what to do. We enjoyed how the Lord is sovereign to arrange the people that we are with. The Lord worked out for several of the students to have classes with those they were burdened for. We were re-impressed how we need to be saved from our opinions about who the Lord can raise from the dead. We may not believe but if we will get with the saints, their faith will become our faith. Our knowledge of those around us kills our prayer and our faith and limits what the Lord can do. We need to bring our burden to our group and have the other saints pray. THEIR faith becomes our faith.

Around 11:30AM we left for Flagstaff and arrived about 5:30PM. We stayed with Tom and Nancy Cho. Tom is a doctor who works in Flagstaff and two times a week he works in a clinic in a small city about 50 miles away. Nancy fixed a very nice dinner. We made sure we knew where to get the recipe. Tom had to leave at 7:30PM to get with another brother. They needed to coordinate with the saints in Phoenix via Skype about the up-coming GTCA time in Flagstaff what was to begin this weekend--Starting on January 27th and going for about 2 weeks. It appears that the saints who are coming will be renting two vacation houses for their stay. We weren't sure how the food was being worked out. There are only three couples in Flagstaff with some contacts from the previous GTCA visit last year.

While Tom was away be got a private DVD showing. Tom and Nancy had gone to Israel for a conference and a tour. Tom had made a very nice 45 minute video of the time. We began to watch while Tom was at the other brother's house working out the GTCA details. When Tom returned we got to see the complete video with captions and sound plus live comments from Tom and Nancy. There is a lot to see in Israel--especially in Jerusalem. Religion has made almost every significant place in the New Testament a shrine or some tourist stop. You are impressed with the places and cities of the early saints. How massive was the original temple. What big stones. There were picture of models of the early city of Jerusalem and the temple. Quite a good video/DVD  of their trip and tour.

Tom and Nancy only had a one bedroom apartment. They are looking to purchase a home in Flagstaff but have a house they will need to sell or rent in Fullerton, CA. They were gracious to give us their bedroom and they slept in the living room.

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