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Friday, January 27, 2012

JANUARY 24 Odessa to Albuquerque

After a BIG breakfast with the Fleenors we were off again. This time to Albuquerque. Again we too lots of smaller state roads but the traffic was light and often the speed limit was nearly the same as an Interstate. Towns like Seminole and Denver, Texas and areas around them were covered with pumping oil wells. This must be one of the most productive areas in Texas if you were counting oil wells. Even the air in some areas smelled of oil.

Also we passed many areas that had large wheeled irrigation sprinklers. We couldn't tell clearly since it is still considered winter, the crops appeared to be cotton and hay (for cattle).

We arrived at Jim and Carol Danek's house in Albuquerque about 4:30PM. Carol, who is a teacher, had to work late--so Jim was the cook. We have discovered some brothers who are great cooks along the way--Jim is one of them. He fixed us a fabulous meal and it was topped off by a helping of "Cookies and Cream" and "Home-made Vanilla" Ice cream made by Blue Bell. Another couple joined us for the dinner and fellowship--very enjoyable time. Note: Only Outback restaurants in California carry Blue Bell ice cream.

After dinner we went to a prayer meeting in the home of one of the saints that is located in the foothills of Albuquerque. We prayed about the GTCA trip to Greenly, Colorado and that some of the stores would allow BfA to set up tables. We also prayed that some older, more mature saints could move there to help the church life have a good beginning. We also prayed for the shepherding of the saints in Reno, Nevada. After the meeting we came home and went to bed earlier because everyone needed to get an early start the next day.

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