The Practice of the Vital Groups

Sunday, January 22, 2012

JANUARY 19PM Atlanta to Birmingham

After coordination we had lunch with some full-timers and working saints at a Mexican restaurant. We left for Birmingham about 2PM and arrived about 4:30PM. This was our shortest travel day of our trip so far. We had a little rest and had supper with Jerry and Coco Hyman, Ed, and Pat Walls. When Dick Wagner (now in Atlanta) lived in Birmingham he contacted Ed on several jobs where they were working together. He is the fruit of long term care. We knew Jerry and Coco from Memphis and we knew Pat in the first migration to Memphis and later in Austin. In Tampa we stayed with her daughter. Later the Chens from the city of Anniston came over for fellowship. It was good to hear about the Lord’s sovereign arrangements to bring Ed into the church life.

Brother Lee found out we need to focus on our friends and relatives so we talked about Ed’s 19 year nephew, Chris how WE could take care of him. We considered some practical steps for him to be in and stay in the church. Out of the fellowship some practical steps came out (i.e. getting a driver’s license) and we prayed about them. Pat has contact with a number of doctors from the middle-east which believe is sovereign of the Lord and we prayed for them. We were impressed that if we will work together and fellowship and pray we will have the wisdom on how these can be gained.

At private school in the area uses the Recovery Version for their curriculum. One of the students that graduated from their came to the church and is in the full-time training in Anaheim. Others may also be open. We had some very good prayer for these ones.

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