The Practice of the Vital Groups

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

JANUARY 22 Austin

Lord’s Day morning we went to the meeting of the central district in Austin which began at 10AM. They have three districts and a far north district is meeting now as the church in Round Rock. They had a nice breakfast at the hall for new and returning students. Chairs were set up in little circles for the breakfast time. After breakfast the chairs were returned to a four square arrangement with each section facing another. The brother felt to have the breakfast for some new ones who had never been to a big meeting. They wanted to slow down the “train” so the new ones could get onboard.

At 10:30AM Tim Seay gave a little introduction explaining how when we meet ”each one has”. He also shared that in the Christian meeting it is normal to say “amen”. He used the verses in 1 Corinthians 14 about the unlearned can say “amen” at your giving of thanks.

This week, the church has been going over the little booklet, “Praise” by Watchman Nee. This ties in with the summer training on Psalms. A brother gave an introduction and the saints shared over an hour. Note: Austin has their Lord’s Table in the evening. Many saints were eager to share and stood up waiting their turn. Some shared on the sacrifice of praise and that it came at a cost. Praise is the quickest way for saints to mature in life. Nothing can ripen and mature as praise. Prayer signifies warfare, praise signifies victory. We need to learn to accept everything from the Lord’s hand. God is never wrong and whatever he does is good. We need to learn to praise God today. We need to stop manipulating and plotting and learn to praise.

After the meeting we had fellowship with some saints that we knew, Here are a few: Bill and Linda Deball, Sam and Vanessa Yu, Tobi’s husband and their young son (Tobi was home sick), Bill and Camilla Ard. Steve had a problem with one of his eyes and a sister who is an eye doctor looked at it briefly.

We had lunch with Chris Lynch and family and one other couple and a single sister. In the afternoon we caught up with typing in our blog and rested.

Steve and Chris went to the meeting a hour before the Lord’s table for some fellowship with some of the Austin brothers.

The Lord’s Table was full of praise to the Lord. After the table a number of saints share more from the booklet on Praise by Watchman Nee.

After the meeting we returned to the Lynch’s for later supper. We had an “interview” with their high school and junior high daughters. The older daughter shared about what has helped her the most is having college age companions. They call and text each other. The girls come to their parents Friday home meeting and participate because it is smaller.

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