The Practice of the Vital Groups

Sunday, January 22, 2012

JANUARY 21AM Shreveport

Ed had to leave early for work. We had a very enjoyable breakfast with Tonya. During that time she shared how she got saved and touched the recovery. She was saved in a Baptist church at an older age. Some teen-agers shepherded her Some of these young people were taking down a storage shed and found four Watchman Nee books in typewritten form which they read.  Later a visiting brother from Moscow lent them two books for a day and a half. Tonya and another sister copied the books by typing them and made four copies with carbon paper. They worked non-stop through the night because the brother need to take them back with him. Six of them later got to go to Moscow and be with the saints there Later they were invited to join a 2 week training. Tonya got to go to the full-time training and served in Russia and Israel. We fellowshipped with Tonya about ones she was burdened for in Israel and considered how the shepherding need of these ones could be taken care of. Then we prayed about this matter.

We left around 11:30AM with food and hugs from Tonya.

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